Get the Right People on Board.

About Agree

Agree works as a team and there will always be multiple hands on deck working to fill your request for a quality candidate. As we all know, teamwork makes the dream work! Most importantly, we make it our goal to have fun! If our team is not enjoying their work, our relationships between client and candidate are missing what we believe is the key ingredient… “Trust.”

For over 20 years, the team at Agree has been working with clients in local and regional markets in North America providing the right talent for the job. It is our team, network and recruiting engine that makes the difference! We are not limited to just our in-house headhunters but also a trusted national network that enables us to reach out to all candidates in all geographic locations in the markets we service. In short, we have the people, infrastructure, experience and networks required to deliver.

Years of Experience

What We Do

As headhunters we quickly and efficiently locate and screen qualified candidates who not only have the skills to be successful fit for your open positions but your company culture as well. We completely understand how important it is to attract and select the best leaders, so we not only search for great people but employ them as well.

Client Process

Identify & Share Needs

Through proactive client discussions, listening and extensive research we build a profile of the ideal candidate for the job. Once the iterative process is complete our talent expert collaborates with our team of headhunters to find the perfect qualified candidate for the open job.

Candidate Search

Agree utilizes its proven process developed and refined over the past 20 years that leverages it’s vast network, talent database and honed search techniques to identify a small pool of custom matched candidates.

Build Relationships

Throughout the communication and process our client relationships a solidified more than ever. We learn more about each other and trust becomes second nature. During the candidate the Agree team is also building relationships with the candidate, understanding their need and earning their trust. Trust is the basis for Agree’s relationship with both the client and candidate.

Submit to Client

Once our multilevel screening process has completed with the candidate we pass their portfolio along to our client to review. During this process we stay in communication with both candidate and client, assisting in setting up interviews, meetings and being a liaison for questions or concerns that may come about.


Once our client has had the opportunity to interview and discuss the candidate, feedback is provided, ultimately ending with a new hire for our client and new career for our candidate!

Engagement Models

Agree works with the framework of the engagement models noted above and would be happy to discuss various engagement options / blends that might work best for your particular situation.

Contract Recruiter

As many companies may not employ a recruiter as a full time staff member and instead work with contract recruiters or in some instances mid to large companies might need some help during the peak periods allowing us to supplement their recruiting staff.

Our contract recruiters are paid on an hourly basis and can represent a very flexible solution for companies not yet ready or wanting to add recruitment staff directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there just one person looking for candidates for an open job?

A: No, Agree works in teams, although you will primarily communicate with our area expert, they have a team behind them helping to find the perfect fit.

Q: Why should I use Agree?

A: The Agree team has been working with clients in North America for over 20 years, providing the individual talent for the right job. It is our team, network, expertise and recruiting engine that makes the difference! We have the people, infrastructure, and networks that are required to deliver.

Q: Do you work on Contingency or Retained searches?

A: Agree works on Retained, Contingency searches, team extension models and a blend. Flexibility with our clients unique hiring needs is important to us.

Q: What areas does Agree specialize in?

A: Agree headhunters work across a variety such as Healthcare, Information Technology, Sales, and Professional searches. For more click here.

Q: What happens if a candidate fails to perform?

A: This is a rare occurrence however Agree does provide our clients a guarantee period in which to have candidates replaced. We want to minimize the risk of working with Agree and ensure a successful relationship.

Q: What areas does Agree serve?

A: Our clients work with our best Talent Management expert based on the overall needs of the client. In some cases clients prefer a single contact and others prefer to work with directly with our Talent Managers for various areas. For more click here.

Q: What geographical locations do you serve?

A: Although based in Boise Idaho, a market we know very well, Agree primarily works with clients in the Pacific Northwest and West Coast. Candidates however are placed in locations throughout North American in areas where our clients may have needs.