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About Agree

Agree works as a team and there will always be multiple hands on deck working to fill your request for a candidate or new career. As we all know, teamwork makes the dreamwork! Most importantly, we make it our goal to have fun! If our team is not enjoying their work, our relationships between client and candidate are missing what we believe is the key ingredient… “Trust.”

For over 20 years, the team at Agree has been working with clients in North America providing the right talent for the job. It is our network and recruiting engine that makes the difference! We are not limited to just our in-house headhunters but also a select national network that enables us to reach out to all candidates in all geographic locations in the markets we service. We have the people, infrastructure, and networks that are required to deliver.

Years of Experience

What We Do

As headhunters we quickly and efficiently locate and screen qualified candidates who not only fit your open positions but your company culture as well. We understand how important it is to attract and select the best leaders, so we not only search for great people but employ them as well.

Candidate Process


The first step in our candidate process is connecting with you! We love meeting new people and continuing to build relationships with candidates we’ve worked with before. Agree is able to do their job the best, when we understand exactly what you are looking for as well as the experience you bring to the table.


Once we’ve established a relationship with our candidates, we move on to the job search. Based on what your experience, expertise and preferences are we can match you to some open jobs. Agree is based in Boise, but we work with companies nationwide, so our candidates are not limited to the Treasure Valley area!

Review Resume

Once we have nailed down some job opportunities that would be a fit, we look at what the employer is going to see first, your resume. Having a resume that reflects the job you are applying for is important, so we work with you to make sure it is tailored in the correct way to make you stand out.

Submission to Client

Once we’ve reviewed your resume, it is time to submit you to the hiring manager! The hiring manager at your desired company will review the resume and then reach back out to the Agree recruiter you are working with and let them know whether or not they’d like to interview you.


All of our clients (your potential employer) are different and depending on the location you’ve applied to, the interview process may vary slightly. Typically our clients will do an over the phone interview, then an in person interview, and after that it is not unusual to have some sort of onsite walk through and final interview prior to making you an offer.


Once our client has had the opportunity to interview and discuss the candidate, feedback is provided to the recruiter. At this point is when we ideally receive a job offer that meets your salary and location expectations and a new career for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to pay Agree for your help?

A: No, Agree gets paid by our clients (your potential employer), not our candidates.

Q: How many recruiters do I work with?

A: Just one! Although Agree does work as a team, we make it easy by having one point of contact for you throughout the process.

Q: Why don’t you list the company with each job description on your website?

A: What separates us from a job site is that we take the time to build relationships to find the right match for you and our clients. Rather than allowing people to just apply to any job that “might work”, we discuss the potential clients more in depth with our candidates to ensure the perfect fit.

Q: Why should I use Agree?

A: The Agree team has been working with clients in North America for over 20 years, providing the individual talent for the right job. It is our team, network, expertise and recruiting engine that makes the difference! We have the people, infrastructure, and networks that are required to deliver.

Q: What areas does Agree specialize in?

A: Agree headhunters work across a variety such as Healthcare, Information Technology, Sales, and Professional searches. For more click here.

Q: What geographical locations do you serve?

A: Although based in Boise Idaho, a market we know very well, Agree primarily works with clients in the Pacific Northwest and West Coast. Candidates however are placed in locations throughout North American in areas where our clients may have needs.